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Carpet and upholstery stains are the worst! They seem especially visible when the surroundings are freshly cleaned, and often they can be made worse when we try to remove them. We scour the internet for stain removing techniques, and often the results are limited. Since often only the first do-it-yourself attempt and carpet and upholstery stain removal will work without making it worse, it is important to approach the task correctly. At Absolutely Clean, we’ve put together a list of the most frequently asked questions about stain removal.

Do we need to vacuum before you arrive?

Not necessarily.  Absolutely Clean Carpet Cleaning will go through and do a quick vacuum before we begin the cleaning process.  If the carpet has not been vacuumed in a very long time, or there are heavy shedding pets in the house, then vacuuming ahead of our arrival is recommended.  You can never vacuum too much!

Do we need to move all of our furniture?

It is up to you what you move.  We can clean around whatever furniture you leave in place.  We can help move small items out of the way, set on beds, etc. when we arrive.  Any area rugs in the rooms you are having us clean should be rolled up and out of the way prior to our arrival.  If you want some larger items moved (dressers, beds, entertainment centers, etc.), please let us know ahead of time.   Depending on the situation, we may want to set up an appointment to discuss the items you want moved and to provide you with a bid.

How long will my carpet be wet?

  • Absolutely Clean Carpet Cleaning uses a revolutionary low moisture cleaning process.  This means we are not getting the backing or your pad wet.  As a result, your carpet will usually be dry in about 2 hours, instead of up to a day!  You can walk on the carpet immediately in socks, barefoot, or clean shoes/slippers.  Factors that affect the dry times the most are air flow and temperature.  Open windows, fans, ceiling fans, etc. can all greatly speed up the drying process. 

When can we move our furniture back after you leave?

Most furniture can be placed back about 2 hours after we leave.  Items prone to rust or stained wood touching the floor we recommend waiting a while longer “just in case”.  

When I clean my own carpet it seems like it gets dirty really quickly. Is that going to happen when you clean it?

Rapid resoiling is usually a result of sticky soaps/detergents being used in the cleaning process.  Upon drying the residue on the carpet attracts dirts which then sticks to it.  This can cause the carpet to begin to look dirty soon after cleaning.  Our process eliminates this concern as our cleaning products leave no sticky residue behind.  In fact our cleaning products actually repel dirt which helps the carpet stay clean longer.

Will the stains come out when you clean our carpet?

We have found that many spots and stains come out simply through our cleaning process.  However, for the stubborn spots, we carry a full spotting kit and can remove a wide variety of stains. That said, there is such a thing as a permanent stain.  We try our best to remove all spots and stains that we see but occasionally are unsuccessful.  

Should I pre-treat all the stains before you arrive?

No! There are many spots and stains that we can remove almost every time if we are the first ones to work on it.  This is because if you put the wrong chemical on some stains it can make them permanent, or at least much harder to remove.  Rust, coffee, Kool-aid (food dye) types of stains are in this category.

What is wicking?

Wicking is when the carpet gets wet from cleaning, and the deeper parts of the carpet fibers absorb all that excess moisture. The deeper parts of the fiber then push that moisture upward through evaporation to the surface of the carpet, and this causes the browning of your home’s carpet.  Absolutely Clean Carpet Cleaning’s low moisture process is specifically designed to minimize wicking.  By using less water to clean the carpet, there is less moisture in the backing and the pad that can “wick” to cause the browning as it dries. 

Black Lines seem to show up in my home around the baseboards and under walls. How does this happen?

These are called “filtration lines” or “filtration soiling”. They are caused by pollution within the home. The carpet actually acts as a filter, trapping very fine particles that circulate through the home. These microscopic oily particles result  from anything that burns: candles, fireplaces, furnaces, stoves, etc.  The air in your home typically travels along the walls and under closed doors.  Over time these pollutants darken the carpet. 

How can we reduce or eliminate filtration soiling?

Cutting back on fireplace and candle usage.  If you’ve had them in your home in the past, consider a darker color carpet next time you replace the carpet.  Have a high filtration filter installed in your furnace.  Frequent vacuuming, and don’t forget to use the tools and vacuum around the edges of the rooms and stairs where the build up is happening.

Will these filtration lines be removed when you clean our carpet?

Filtration soiling typically shows up in the areas of the carpet where our equipment doesn’t reach, such as where the baseboard touches the carpet.  So our normal cleaning process may not remove them.  If you specifically want these addressed, please call and ask for a quote to remove them.  Absolutely Clean Carpet Cleaning will give you an in person estimate for this detailed and time consuming process.

Should I rub, scrub, or blot to remove a stain?

Rubbing carpet fibers damages the tufts that create the soft pile, and it also settles the dirt/stain further into the fibers/fabric. You should never rub stains. Instead, first absorb liquids by blotting with a dry white cloth, then use warm water and blot from the outside in. Blotting helps keep your carpet looking lush.

Is there a difference between retail cleaning products and commercial cleaning products?

Cleaning products available at retail stores to the general public may damage your carpet and/or upholstery. Always read instructions and warning labels carefully before testing a small, hidden area. Absolutely Clean Carpet Cleaning uses professional, commercial cleaning products that are more powerful than those sold in retail stores. Our cleaning products were developed to work along with our machinery in a way that protects carpet and upholstery fabrics.

Should I use hot water to remove stains?

Hot water can set stains from coffee, wine, blood, or darker spills. Additionally, hot water can affect the dye in your upholstery fabric and/or carpet. We don’t recommend ever using hot water to treat a stain, as this could likely create a permanent, set-in stain.